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By Dale Ratermann, Brian Brosi

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Who's the one NBA trainer to checklist 60-win seasons with 3 assorted franchises? who's the single individual to win NBA trainer of the 12 months and an analogous league's MVP award? despite how good you're thinking that you recognize basketball, theres absolute to be questions during this booklet to problem and input- tain, to stimilate dialogue, amd to begin and settle arguments. that includes questions from the pro, collegiate, and women's video games.

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135 in 1925, the Chinese-language newspaper Taiwan Minbao featured an editorial that exhibited how important modern notions of assimilation, equality, and sport had become. Addressing the continued inequity of access to the best schools in Taihoku, the paper cited (in English) the concept of “Fair Play,” defining it in Chinese as “fair and just competition” (gongming zhengda de jingzheng). e piece went on pointedly, if not sarcastically, to assert that “the ancients would not have known about Fair Play but would have called it bushidō [the Japanese way of the warrior] .

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