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By Tony Demeo

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A unprecedented selection of one zero one ways in which coaches can hire diverse adaptations of the choice of their team's offensive assault. Covers the split-back veer, wishbone, Woody s alternative, Delaware wing-t, a number of I strategies, one-back bone, midline choice, shotgun alternative, utilizing units and movement, in addition to equipment thoughts and kicking-game ideas. comprises over a hundred diagrams and illustrations.

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Diagram 20 Page 36 Option #18: Load Option The Load Option is another good short-yardage, tight end option that is a direct descendant of the split back veer offense. It complements the veer option to the tight end and also serves as an adjustment to a hard corner to the tight end side (Diagram 21). * The offensive line and backfield execute the veer option (see Option #14), except that the onside halfback ''load blocks" the defensive end by putting his shoulder through the defensive end's outside thigh.

The only difference is the backfield alignment and the short motion by the upback to get into proper position to seal the linebacker (Diagram 32). This option is an excellent goal-line and short-yardage triple-option play. Diagram 32 Page 50 Option #30: I-Bone Double Option One of the basic principles espoused by LSU head coach Gerry DiNardo is that if a handoff key is easy to read, he is hard to block; and if he is hard to read, he is easy to block. This tenet explains why double options are a staple of the I-Bone attack.

If the handoff key widens and the quarterback sees daylight for the diveback to run through, the quarterback gives the ball; but if the handoff key closes down and there is no daylight, the quarterback pulls and options the defensive end. This option is a low-risk option, because a blocked handoff key cannot crash on the mesh and thereby cause a fumble. The only problem with this option is that it is only good against certain defenses; it must be packaged, therefore it is limited in its use. * Developed by Darrell Royal and his staff at the University of Texas, the wishbone took the Longhorns to two national championships and a 30-game winning streak.

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