A comprehensive guide to virtual private networks. Volume II by International Business Machines Corporation PDF

By International Business Machines Corporation

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Fm Draft Document for Review October 15, 1999 12:20 pm assured that the data is securely and readily available to only the intended parts supplier(s). One way to implement this scenario is for the companies to purchase Internet access from an Internet service provider (ISP), then, given the lack of security of the Internet, either a firewall or IPSec-enabled router, or a server with IPSec capability can be deployed as required to protect the intranets from intruders. If end-to-end protection is desired, then both the client and server machines need to be IPSec-enabled as well.

Scalability is often an important criterion for a network. With a VPN this includes issues such as the following: • • • • • Dynamic (IKE) versus manual tunnels Pre-shared keys versus certificates Public key infrastructure (PKI) Geographical span Cost of implementation, migration and ownership What is the VPN infrastructure going to look like and who will support it? This includes topics such as the following: • • • • • • • ISP bandwidth, geographical presence and access plans VPN technology support by ISPs (Layer 2 tunneling, IPSec, PKI, LDAP) Network transition VPN gateway placement Quality of service (QoS) and service level agreements (SLAs) Public key infrastructure (PKI) Cost of implementation and service How will the VPN be managed?

Martin has co-authored a number of redbooks at the ITSO Raleigh and Austin Centers. His latest publications are TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview, sixth Edition, GG24-3376, and IP Network Design Guide, second Edition, SG24-2580. Hyun Jeong Lee is an IT Specialist in Network Services, IBM Korea where she has been working for eight years. She has six years of experience in the networking environment. She holds a Master degree in computer sciences from Yonsei University, Korea. Her areas of expertise include network analysis, design, SI, troubleshooting.

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