Arthur C. Clarke's A Fall of Moondust (SF Masterworks 49) PDF

By Arthur C. Clarke

ISBN-10: 0575073179

ISBN-13: 9780575073173

Time is working out for the passengers and group of the vacationer cruiser Selene, incarcerated in a sea of choking lunar dirt. at the floor, her rescuers locate their assets stretched to the restrict via the mercilessly unpredictable stipulations of a wholly alien atmosphere. A brilliantly imagined tale of human ingenuity and survival, A FALL OF MOONDUST is a tour-de-force of mental suspense and sustained dramatic pressure via the field's premiere writer.

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As the roll call continued, Pat once again found himself grateful for the one piece of luck in this desperate situation. By character, training, and experience, Commodore Hansteen was a born leader of men: already he was beginning to weld this random collection of individuals into a unit, to build up that indefinable esprit de corps that transforms a mob into a team. These things he had learned while his little fleet—the first ever to vcnturc beyond the orbit of Neptune, almost three billion miles from the sun—had hung poised week upon weck in the emptiness between the planets.

True, the air inside the hull must make us very buoyant, but the resistance of this dust is enormous. ” The Englishman, it seemed, was not easily discouraged. “I noticed that there was a space suit in the air lock. Could anyone get out and swim up? ” Pat stirred uneasily. He was the only one qualified to wear that suit, which was purely for emergency use. “I’m almost sure it’s impossible,” he answered. “I doubt if a man could move against the resistance—and of course he’d be absolutely blind. How would he know which way was up?

If she went too deep, she might be cracked like an eggshell. How deep the cruiser was, he had no idea. When he had caught his last glimpse of the stars, she was about ten meters below the surface, and she might have been carried down much farther by the suction of the dust. It would be advisable—even though it would increase their oxygen consumption—to put up the internal pressure and thus take some of the strain off the hull. Very slowly, so that there would be no telltale popping of ears to alarm anyone, he boosted the cabin pressure by twenty per cent.

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