A guide to the Bodhisattva's way of life of Shantideva: A by Thrangu Rinpoche PDF

By Thrangu Rinpoche

ISBN-10: 8170307333

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One of many greatest texts of the Mahayana culture is Shantideva's A consultant to the Bodhisattva's lifestyle. The e-book includes ten chapters which bargains with advantages of woke up brain; The Confession of detrimental Deeds; the total recognition of woke up brain Conscientiousness Guarding Alterness; The Perfection of persistence; The Perfection of Enthusiasm; The Perfection of Meditation; The Perfection of knowledge and commitment. The e-book additionally includes notes, glossaries, and bibliography

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With this instability, it is difficult to accomplish. Some people upon hearing about awakening mind think that it is very important. " and so forth. Later, however, they may think, "I can't really do it. " Because of changing mind, the effect of having aroused bodhichitta is very slight. Therefore, we must strongly resolve to arouse bodhichitta. We should resolve to do so no matter what type of difficulties one encounters and to engender it for a very, very long period of time in a very vast way.

45. My desire is gone, because of destroying manifold chatterings, frequent turnings, all curiosities. 46. One ought to reject useless scratching, fidgeting, puttering, once having learned the discipline of the Tathagatha and havingfeared it. 47. If one should desire to move, or desire to speak, his mind is to be examined and suitably composed with patience. 48. If one would see his mind disciplined and blunted, then he should not act nor speak. He should remain like a piece of wood. 49. If the mind should be arrogant or sarcastic, brutal be cause of prideful infatuation, scornful and abusive, crooked and deceiving; 50.

The second remedial power is concerned with the object of one's confession. Once we understand that negative actions that ensue are the root of us being harmed. Therefore we need to confess these evil actions. The object of our confession should be outstanding or exalted. We make this confession in the presence of the Buddha and all great bodhisattvas such as Manjushri, Vajrapani, and Vajradhara and so forth. We confess 26 A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way ofLife in their presence, beseeching them to eliminate the unpleasant results of the ripening of our negative karma.

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