A Sparrowhawk's Lament: How British Breeding Birds of Prey by David Cobham, Chris Packham, Bruce Pearson PDF

By David Cobham, Chris Packham, Bruce Pearson

ISBN-10: 0691157642

ISBN-13: 9780691157641

Britain is domestic to 15 species of breeding birds of prey, from the hedgerow-hopping Sparrowhawk to the breathtaking White-tailed Eagle. during this handsomely illustrated ebook, acclaimed British filmmaker and naturalist David Cobham bargains distinct and deeply own insights into Britain's birds of prey and the way they're faring at the present time. He delves into the heritage of those impressive birds and talks extensive with the scientists and conservationists who're striving to defend them. In doing so, he profiles the writers, poets, and filmmakers who've performed rather a lot to alter the public's conception of birds of prey. due to well known tv courses, the Victorian fantasy that any chook with a hooked beak is evil has been dispelled. even though, even supposing there are luck stories--five birds of prey that have been extinct became reestablished with potential populations--persecution remains to be rife: loads in order that one fowl of prey, the chicken Harrier, grew to become extinct in England as a breeding chook in 2013.

Featuring drawings by way of famed natural world artist Bruce Pearson, this e-book unearths why we needs to cherish and rejoice our birds of prey, and why we forget them at our peril. In A Sparrowhawk's Lament, you are going to learn the way the perfection of the double-barreled shotgun sounded a loss of life knell for British birds of prey within the 19th century, how the conscription of gamekeepers in the course of international wars gave them a short lived reprieve, how their fortunes replaced another time with the creation of agricultural insecticides within the Nineteen Fifties, why birds of prey are very important to Britain's ecosystems and cultural historical past - and masses more.

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