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Fit young adult) Circulation x Systolic blood pressure > 120 mm Hg? x Heart rate < 120 beats/min? x Perfusion OK? x Intravenous access adequate? x Circulating volume replaced? x Blood needed? x Urine volumes? x Continuing bleeding? Site? Head x Glasgow coma score? Trend? x Focal signs? x Pupillary response? x Skull fracture? Other injuries x Cervical spine, chest, ribs? x Pneumothorax? x Bleeding—intrathoracic or abdominal? x Long bone or pelvic fractures? x Adequate investigation? x Adequate treatment?

Before taking responsibility for a transfer, staff should receive training and accompany patients as an observer. Resources are required to achieve this and to ensure safe transfer systems throughout the United Kingdom. Purchasers should reflect this in their budgetary priorities. The patient transfer form was provided by ICBIS. Peter G M Wallace is consultant anaesthetist, Western Infirmary, Glasgow G11 6NT and Saxon A Ridley is director of intensive care, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Norwich NR1 3SR The ABC of intensive care is edited by Mervyn Singer, reader in intensive care medicine, Bloomsbury Institute of Intensive Care Medicine, University College London and Ian Grant, director of intensive care, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

These were then reduced to 12 more commonly measured variables for the APACHE II scoring system published in 1985. Up to four points are assigned to each physiological variable according to its most abnormal value during the first 24 hours in intensive care. Points are also assigned for age, history of severe clinical conditions, and surgical status. The total number of points gives a score ranging from 0-71, with an increasing score representing a greater severity of illness. The reason for admission to intensive care has also been shown to affect outcome.

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