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By L. Auslander, R. Tolimieri

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We do not restrict ourselves to plane rectilinear figures. We define a polygon with r sides or an r-gon as a 2-cell which has its circumference divided into r arcs by r vertices. The arcs are the sides of the polygon. We also include the two cases r= 1 and 2. A 2-gon is sometimes called a lune. 2. Polyhedra We thus understand the term polygon in the sense of topology. Analogously we now define the term polyhedron. Before we present a general definition, let us consider some examples. Examples of polyhedra: tetrahedron (Fig.

For instance one can easily check that the scheme e d c b- 1 d- 1 I c- 1 e- 1 a a-I I-I b represents the tetrahedron as a subdivision of the sphere (see Fig. 6). & ~~ W Fig. 6 a ~ c{ a tc ~, c Fig. 7 There are also polyhedra which cannot be embedded into three dimensional space without penetrating themselves. 5) as in Fig. 7. If we first make the identification along the sides labeled c we clearly get a Mobius strip; therefore the surface is going to be unilateral. It is better, however, in order to picture this geometrically, to first identify the sides labeled a.

13 is used as a kind of nomogram. It enables us to construct a triangular rotation of K 19 in the following way. Consider the circuit which is induced by the rotation of the graph in Fig. 13. Record the currents sequentially, as they occur in the circuit, but if the direction of the circuit is opposite to the direction of the considered arc, record it with a minus sign. We will describe this in detail. It does not matter where we begin. We start at the arc carrying current 9 in the direction indicated by the arrow.

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