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By Magnus Schlösser

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Neutrinos can arguably be categorised because the such a lot attention-grabbing trouble-free debris referred to as their small yet non-zero relaxation mass issues to new mass producing mechanisms past the traditional version, and likewise assigns primordial neutrinos from the large Bang a unique position in shaping the evolution of large-scale buildings within the universe. The open query of absolutely the neutrino mass scale may be addressed via the Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino (KATRIN) scan, at the moment less than construction.
This thesis reviews significant contributions to constructing and imposing new laser-spectroscopic precision instruments to constantly visual display unit the isotope content material of the windowless gaseous tritium resource of KATRIN. the tactic of selection, Raman spectroscopy, is perfect for in-situ tracking of all six hydrogen isotopologues. In a sequence of lovely experiments the writer acquired autonomous novel calibration equipment, first in keeping with a comparability of experimental Raman depolarization ratios with corresponding quantum-chemical calculations, and moment on a fuel sampling approach. either tools yield constant cross-calibration effects and, in addition to yielding advancements in precision, can be of significant value in decreasing systematic results in long term neutrino mass measurements. The tools built during this thesis even have nice strength to extra expand the purposes of Raman spectroscopy to review prolonged assets equivalent to in atmospheric physics.

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