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Fletcher C. Foster THERMODYNAMICS OF ADSORPTION FROM MIXED SOLVENTS Denver G. Hall Unilever Research Port Sunlight Laboratory Quarry Road East, Behington, Wirral, Merseyside L63 3JW ABSTRACT A general thermodynamic treatment of adsorption from mixed solvents is provided. It is designed to apply in situations where adsorbed species may be regarded as distinct from their bulk counterparts. Clausius-Clapeyron type expressions are derived which relate differential and integral enthalpies of adsorption to the temperature dependence of the adsorption equilibria concerned.

11. Surface tensions of liquid i/graphite interface relative to that of the benzene/graphite interface. Left hand: at 298K; right hand: as function of temperature. Data from refs. 16,25,36,38,39,40,41,52. 25 EVERETT 26 already providing interesting data on the forces involved (61), but the problem of measuring adsorption as a function of separation has not been solved. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The work which I have summarised in this lecture has depended to a major extent on my collaborators listed in the appendix; I am most grateful to them for their enthusiasm and thoroughness with which they have worked.

Under these circumstances it is clear that a (31a,b) 9U Y V 3 • ( I V ) ka V 3m / From these results it follows that the coefficient of dm, in equation 27 is ^ When m is small one expects the leading term in the above brackets to dominate the others in which case we have approximately k 81m - kr 3T (32) a y p 'V k r which is exactly analogous to the result one gets for a dilute solution in a single component solvent. The neglected terms may however become significant when is fairly large and the solution is fairly dilute in a.

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