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Acetic acid and water are miscible in all proportions at room temperature. The isotherm for adsorption on charcoal, when plotted for the whole range of concentration, has the form shown in Fig. 1(b). As this passes through a maximum, it clearly cannot be fitted by a Freundlich equation, nor by any modification of the Langmuir equation. g. e. it passes through both a maximum and a minimum and has a negative branch. These results seem strange only because adsorption by solids from solution has habitually been treated as though it were analogous with adsorption of single gases.

The remainder of the pore space could then be filled by a process of capillary condensation of the mixed vapours. This second process would give rise to a condensate having the same composition as the bulk liquid at equilibrium. The condensate is equivalent to bulk liquid which penetrates into the pores when adsorption takes place from the liquid phase; 34 ADSORPTION FROM SOLUTIONS OF NON-ELECTROLYTES it is held only mechanically in the pores, but it is nevertheless difficult to separate this extension of the bulk liquid from the material held by primary adsorption.

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