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Condoms Lots of them. The last thing you want is to have to turn down free sex just because you ran out of condoms. (I know you are smart enough not to have unprotected sex) Inscence Advanced Macking 34 Section 1: Before you start Your room Whatever smell you like. At a dozen for a buck, you can’t go wrong. Indirect lamp When you two get there and before leaving, you don’t want to turn on your main light and reveal your mess or dirt or lack of organization; it just won’t count in your favor. What do you do?

They don’t want to be seen talking to some guy who could easily be confused with the neighborhood bricklayer. ” No, you don’t have to do all that. I have streamlined my wardrobe to have only wrinkle-free shirts and pants. Wearing my best clothes is just as hassle-free as wearing anything else. I don’t dry clean the jacket every day (once a month at most); the shoes are polished once month. The pants and shirts are washed together with the rest of the casual clothes. Of course, there are several ways to be well dressed for Advanced Macking 40 Section 1: Before you start How to dress each occasion.

Ideally tied in with a slight friendly smirk. Or a toast cheers. Something innocent that makes her aware that you exist. Don’t try to stop her. If she wants stop and talk she will. But remember her face. You should soon start to work on her. See where she goes and whom she is with. If she is with a guy, then be patient and wait for a cue for Advanced Macking 57 Section 2: Enter the bar Smoker’s beware! you to go talk to her. This opportunity will show up next time she gets away from the guy she is with: she may go to the bathroom, to the bar, to the cigarette machine etc.

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