Matthias Paul Scholz's Advanced NXT: The Da Vinci Inventions Book (Technology in PDF

By Matthias Paul Scholz

ISBN-10: 1590598431

ISBN-13: 9781590598436

The photographs are terrible - inspite of a magnifying glass its very tough to stick with. This turns what might be a useful studying event into expanding frustration for the younger engineer. Thumbs very down. the writer deserved larger schematic aid!

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31 32 CHAPTER 2 ■ A 3,000-FOOT LOOK AT NXT PROGRAMM IN G ENVIRONMEN TS • Switch block: Chooses between two or more sequences of code according to a particular condition. • Stop block: Stops a running program, running motors, lamps, and sounds. Other Blocks There are some blocks that do not fit the previous categories: • Timer block: Reads or resets the value of three built-in timers that start counting when a NXT-G program starts. • Record/play block: Allows for the recording of movements of the robot.

IDE Once you install and start the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Software, you can see the integrated development environment (IDE), as shown in Figure 2-7. The IDE consists of six different areas that enable you to perform all the tasks that are required to write programs for the NXT, to download them to the Brick, and to run them there: • Toolbar: The area that allows you to trigger most frequently used commands • Programming palette: The store for the different types of blocks • Work area: The canvas to compose your programs on • Configuration panel: The area to configure the separate blocks on the work area in detail • Controller: The tool to compile, download, and run programs • Robo Center: The bridge to the NXT community 35 36 CHAPTER 2 ■ A 3,000-FOOT LOOK AT NXT PROGRAMM IN G ENVIRONMEN TS Figure 2-7.

IDE The IDE of RobotC is rather clear, consisting of a menu bar and an editor (Figure 2-22). Figure 2-22. RobotC’s IDE CHAPTER 2 ■ A 3 ,000-FOOT LOOK AT NXT PROGRAMM ING ENVIRONMEN TS Menu Bar The menu bar is the place where you can start commands such as opening or saving programs, selecting the target platform, connecting to the NXT Brick, downloading RobotC’s firmware, and compiling and downloading programs (Figure 2-23). Figure 2-23. Downloading the firmware to the Brick It’s also from here where you start the debugger (Figure 2-24).

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