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By Devashish Worah, Amit Sheth (auth.), Sushil Jajodia, Larry Kerschberg (eds.)

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Motivation Modem organisations depend on database administration platforms (DBMS) to assemble, shop and deal with company info, that's thought of a strategic company re­ resource. lately, with the proliferation of private desktops and departmen­ tal computing, the fashion has been in the direction of the decentralization and distribution of the computing infrastructure, with autonomy and accountability for information now living on the departmental and workgroup point of the association. clients wish their info dropped at their computers, permitting them to incor­ porate information into their own databases, spreadsheets, be aware processing document­ uments, and most significantly, into their day-by-day projects and actions. they wish which will proportion their details whereas conserving keep an eye on over its entry and distribution. There also are pressures from company leaders who desire to use info know-how as a strategic source in delivering really expert value-added prone to consumers. Database know-how is getting used to control the information linked to company strategies and actions. more and more, the knowledge being controlled usually are not easily formatted tables in relational databases, yet every kind of ob­ jects, together with unstructured textual content, photographs, audio, and video. hence, the database administration prone are being requested to increase the services of DBMS to incorporate object-relational versions in addition to complete object-oriented database guy­ agement systems.

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Insufficient support. Forward recovery when supported. Very limited. Supports both human and application tasks. , DBMSs, TP monitors, legacy applications, humans) Inherent. Varies significantly. Correctness Criteria Failure Atomicity Concurrency Control Recovery Inherent. Inherent. Well-defined. Rollback and compensation. Activities Limited. Supports transactions only. Usually DBMS. Processing Entities Coordination Support Modeling Organizational Structure Worklists Flexibility Implementation Status Limited.

Modeling and support for human involvement with the run-time system, and 4. error handling and failure recovery. Workflow management is specifically defined to address these real-world challenges. It provides the tools to integrate humans, computer systems, information resources and organizational processes into a unified solution. Hence, the requirements of WFMSs are far more challenging than those faced by current database systems [Alonso and Schek, 1996b]. In workflow applications, database resources might comprise only a part of the entire solution.

Moreover, the communication infrastructure is subject to failures, and could adversely affect workflow enactment. In the following two sections, we describe the error model that we have used to capture such errors, and the failure handling components that form our recovery framework. For a detailed discussion on ORBWork, see [Das, 1997]. 3 Modeling Errors in METEOR2. The METEOR2 error model has been defined in a hierarchical manner. We have based it on the layered nature of the METEOR2 workflow model.

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