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This lawsuits comprises papers offered on the Electronics in severe Environments, overseas gas Cells and similar platforms, and complicated Dielectrics for instant Communications symposia.

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Activation energy vs. electric field. Advances in Electronic and Electrochemical Ceramics 53 CONCLUSION Aluminum nitride and aluminum oxynitride dielectrics for high energy density capacitors applications have been deposited using pulsed DC magnetron sputtering. Films have been grown on multiple substrate materials, including aluminum foil and polymer films compatible with rolled capacitor applications. Materials properties are independent of the initial substrate. The dielectric constant and dissipation factor have been measured as a function of feed gas and measurement temperature.

In this model, an incident compressional energy wave, /», enters the bottom of the pedestal from the package. Io is normalized to be 1. At each interface within the composite, a certain amount of the incident energy, /,, is reflected, Rj. Additionally, another packet of energy is viscously damped, and a Advances in Electronic and Electrochemical Ceramics 37 final amount of incident energy is removed via piezoelectric (shape memory) loss mechanisms. The piezoelectric and viscous effects have a normal and a shear component.

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