Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky's Advances in lipid research. Volume 1 PDF

By Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

ISBN-10: 1483199371

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It has been suggested ( Coleman, 1961 ) that the glyceride composition of a lard may now be predicted from a knowledge of its fatty acid composition. Lard is unique amongst fats so far examined in having a preponderance of saturated acids in the middle positions of its triglycérides. Values for glycerides analyses of beef tallow are given in Table XL It will again be seen that departure from a random distribution of fatty acids is largely reflected by a greater proportion of SUS glycerides and a lower proportion of the USU type.

9 If the same proportioning procedure is carried out for the other three glyceride classes containing (in addition to a linoleic residue) an oleic, 36 COLEMAN a second linoleic, or a linolenic residue, respectively, it will be found that two values for the proportion of each of the six possible triglycérides are obtained. Some further assumption is therefore necessary. Thus the mean value for the proportion of each of the triglycérides may be used. Dutton et al. (1950) have made a further assumption in their calculation, but this assumption is not explicitly stated.

Clearly there are a number of cross-checks possible on the reliability of this method. Thus the fatty acid compositions of the whole fat before and after oxidation may be determined when the unsaturated and dicarboxylic acid contents, respectively, should be the same. Similarly, lipase hydrolysis before and after oxidation should yield the same proportion of unsaturated acids in the first case as dicarboxylic acids in the Structural Investigation of Natural Fats 29 second. Youngs has confirmed these observations experimentally, both on the fats themselves and on pure synthetic mixed glycerides.

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