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Since all tests have to be passed before release, projects developed with XP can adhere to strict (or safety) requirements. Customers can write acceptance tests that measure nonfunctional requirements, but they are more difficult and may require more sophisticated environments than Unit tests. Many participants felt that Agile Methods render it easier to address critical issues since the customer gives requirements, makes important issues explicit early and provides continual input. The phrase “responsibly responding to change” implies that there is a need to investigate the source of the change and adjust the solution accordingly, not just respond and move on.

Most participants felt that large-scale refactoring is not a problem, since it is frequently necessary and more feasible using Agile Methods. Participants strongly felt that traditional “Big Design Up Front (BDUF)” is rarely on target, and its lack of applicability is often not fed back to the team that created the BDUF, making it impossible for them to learn from experience. It was again emphasized that testing is the major issue in Agile. ” Product and project documentation is a topic that has drawn much attention in discussions about Agile.

12) Iterate to another artifact: Whenever you get “stuck” working on an artifact (if you are working with a use case and you are struggling to describe the business logic), iterate with another artifact. (13) Model in small increments: Model a little, code a little, test a little and deliver a little. (14) Model to communicate: One of the reasons to model is to communicate with the team or to create a contract model. (15) Model to understand: The main reasons for modeling is to understand the system you are building, consider approaches and choose the best one.

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