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Command/Query RMODe The RMODe command specifies the run mode (single or repetitive) for a module or intermodule. If the selected module is configured for intermodule, the intermodule run mode will be set by this command. The RMODe query returns the current setting. 3–6 Programming the Agilent 16522A Mainframe Commands Command/Query SELect The SELect command selects which module or intermodule will have parser control. SELect 0 selects the intermodule, SELect 1 through 10 selects modules A through J respectively.

2–4 Agilent Technologies 16522A Reference The Format Menu Symbols Touching the Symbols field brings up a pop-up menu that allows you to build a symbol table to use when putting data into the Sequence and User Macros menus. Providing symbol names to frequently used values allows you to enter the values more easily and to recognize these values by their symbol name rather than having to remember data values. Vector Output Mode The Vector Output Mode determines the channel width, available pods, and the frequency range for both the internal and external clock.

If Event The If Event instruction is only available in Full Channel 100 Mbit/s mode with clock frequencies of 50 MHz and lower. Only one If Event is allowed in a sequence program. If a new if instruction is placed in a program sequence, a message will appear stating that only one if instruction is allowed. To add a new if instruction, the old one must be deleted. The If event uses either the IMB or the same external clock pod input lines as the Wait event. If the condition is true at the If event, then the data in the If block is output, otherwise it is skipped.

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