Aikido Weapons Techniques: The Wooden Sword, Stick, and by Phong Thong Dang PDF

By Phong Thong Dang

ISBN-10: 0804836418

ISBN-13: 9780804836418

Even if Aikido is usually regarded as a nonviolent, noncompetitive martial artwork, using guns used to be brought through the art's founder O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba. in truth, aikido recommendations that use wood guns can improve all facets of your perform, aiding you to appreciate either easy and complex aikido technical strategies in addition to conceptual thoughts and skills.

Building at the authors' trust that no empty-hand approach is whole with out guns education, Aikido guns strategies: The wood Sword, Stick, and Knife of Aikido demonstrates weapon use either as a coaching device to raised illustrate aikido ideas, and as a self-defense opposed to weapon assaults, concentrating on the 3 basic guns utilized in aikido:

  • Ken—the wood sword
  • Jo—the wood staff
  • Tanto—the wood knife

A whole dialogue of every weapon is incorporated, with descriptions of the stances, grips, suggestions, kinds, defenses, and coaching acceptable for each.

With over two hundred step by step photos and targeted directions, this e-book offers an in-depth exploration of guns use in aikido—from its religious implications to technical concept and functional use

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The jo is held firmly with the hands, not arms, applying pressure between the base of the thumb and the last three fingers. 3-5: Gripping the jo 58 Aikido Weapons Techniques Grab There are two traditional ways of grabbing the jo to move it from the standing position to the ready position. The jo can be grabbed from the top or the bottom. Top Grab From the standing position, with your left hand holding the jo in front on the centerline, your right hand grabs the top of the jo (Figure 3-6). Keeping your left hand in place and using it as a pivot point, bring your right hand downward, settling the jo in a horizontal position (Figure 3-7).

Slide rhe ken down your left hand , which is held stable at your left hip. A slight down and out movement or the hand facilitates a smooth , nuid motion (Figure 2-34) . ve n your rhumb and dae first-ringer knuckle or your ldr hand , and iris then pointed imo the sheath . Slightly pinch the blade edge "vith y 1ur left thumb and firs t-finger knuckle , as if wiping ir again , and slide the ken, blade edge up, into your left hand . Srep forward a rh , returning of the ken is tomplered (Figure 2-35) .

Quickly draw and cut a yokomen-uchi, holding the ken with only your right hand. Add your left hand, and cut downward in a shomenuchi. Return the ken to your left side. Eight-Direction Cut A traditional solo exercise to perform with the ken is the eight-direction cut. There are three variations. The first is simply to perform an overhead downward shomen-uchi strike in all eight directions. The second is to perform the shomen-uchi in all eight directions, but on the first four directions add a tsuki, and on the last four directions add a shomen-uchi.

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