Alcohol Intoxication and Withdrawal: Experimental Studies II by Milton, Editor; Gross PDF

By Milton, Editor; Gross

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DNA substituted for poly A could not act as a prirner of poly A synthesis in both groups of nuclei; furtherrnore, the addition of UGC to this rnixture failed to effectively change 3H incorporation into the hornopolynucleotide. In another group of nuclei obtained frorn control and ethanoldrinking rats, additional properties of the ATP polyrnerizing systern were studied. Table 5 cornpares the effects of the addition of exogenaus polyuridylic acid (poly U), UGC, actinornycin-D and (NH4)zS04 on this systern.

657>:< -0. 66 -1. 32 Na Cl corrections k" s k' s 0. 022 0. 22 -0. 625 -l. 25 NaC 8 H 11 N 2 o 2 corrections k"s k' s Proportional dielectric constant correction due to: a) dilution of 2% MF in water, b) dilution of 0. 0856 NaCl and NaC 8 H 11 N 0 3 in water. 5 GH z ?. Tc = 3 8 0 , f = 9. l 0 GH z , + 0. '> 0> 19 THE BINDING OF ALCOHOL TO BRAIN MEMBRANES TABLE II Net Ak':' for three preparations of rat brain membrane c material, mixed with 0. 0856 M Na Cl and with 0. 0856 M Na c 8 H11N 2 0 3 . k" c 20:5 B -0.

When equilibration was reached, the upper water-methanol phases were removed without disturbing the fluff in the interphase. The flasks were then placed at -15°C. After 4 hours, the fluff had frozen, while the chloreform remained liquid. The icy proteolipid fractions were then separated from the solid lipid fractions by filtration through filter paper at -15° (Folch and Lees, 1951). After 30 H. WALLGREN, P. NIKANDER, AND P. VIRTANEN separation, the solvents were evaporated at +70°C and in vacuum desiccator.

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Alcohol Intoxication and Withdrawal: Experimental Studies II by Milton, Editor; Gross

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