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By Alex Raetsky, Maxim Chetverik

ISBN-10: 1857443721

ISBN-13: 9781857443721

During this ebook Alexander Raetsky and Maxim Chetverik have a look again at how Alekhine defeated his competitors in astonishing type. incorporated are a few of Alekhine's most famed assaults and wonderful mixtures. A deep examine of his video games can't fail to motivate any actual chess fan.

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1. That book was translated into French under the title “Le Bolchevisme en Russie. Livre blanc anglais”; quoting from there, p. 159. 21 22 CHAPTER 4. SYSTEMIC HOSTAGE-TAKING One of the eyewitnesses of St. Petersburg events conveys the details: “As for St. Petersburg, a quick count of the executed reaches 1,300, although the Bolsheviks acknowledge only 500, but they are not counting many hundreds of officers, former servants and private persons, who were shot in Kronstadt and Peter and Paul Fortress in St.

21, 4 November 1918. 6 15 more last names published in No. 3 of the “Weekly”. 7 By the way, these instructional and informational media have been published by a whole lot of Extreme Commissions: For example, “Tsaritsyn News of Che Ka”; a paper of all-Ukrainian Che Ka was called “The Red Sword”. A complete file of those magazines could serve as a rich source of information about “red terror”. 8 M. P. Artsybashev in his testimony before Lausanne trial set the number at 500. 9 “The days of red terror” – “Che Ka” almanac.

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Alexander Alekhine: Master of Attack (Masters (Everyman Chess)) by Alex Raetsky, Maxim Chetverik

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