Alvar Aalto: Das Gesamtwerk / L'oeuvre compléte / The by Alvar Aalto, Karl Fleig PDF

By Alvar Aalto, Karl Fleig

ISBN-10: 3038216550

ISBN-13: 9783038216551

It's an grand monograph at the nice Finnish architect.

This three-volume set chronicles the whole works of the Finnish grasp Alvar Aalto.
Aalto's designs encompassed the fields of portray, structure, sculpture, and furnishings, and are one of the most attractive and unique of contemporary instances.

His mix of an curiosity in average, natural shapes with the modernist mandates of shape and lightweight in its purest facets makes him one of many stated masters of contemporary structure, in addition to Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright. Ada Louise Huxtable writes of Aalto, "his deceptively easy kind is a cosmopolitan synthesis, a reconciliation of the huge and the preferred, of the final and the actual, of the true and the mythic, of nature and art."

This booklet is certainly one of cornerstones of any severe architectural library.

Volume 1: 1922-1962
276 pages with 283 images, eighty five plans and eighty four sketches. Edited by way of Karl Fleig. Texts in German, French and English. dimension 28 x 22,7 cm, fabric bind- ing

Volume 2: 1963-1970
248 pages with 317 pictures and 157 plans and sketches, a few in shades. Index of works 1918-1971 . Edited through Karl Fleig. Texts in German, French and English . dimension 28 x 22,7 cm , fabric bind- ing

Volume three: tasks and ultimate Buildings
240 pages with greater than 450 plans, a few in col- ours, drawings, sketches and pictures. Index of works till 1976. Edited by means of Elissa Aalto and Karl Fleig. Texts in German, French and English. dimension 28 x 22,7 cm , fabric binding

Edited by means of Karl Fleig. Texts in German and French, 256 pages, six hundred images and plans, Pbk

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